Review, Specifications and price of Oppo R9S device in Nigeria

Being the chief successor of OPPO R9 which gave way and somehow made the OPPO brand more famous, OPPO R9S is a Chinese device which boast of a 4GM RAM, a 5.5 inch screen, And also possess a split unit antenna which gives it stronger Wifi signal.

Quick insights of OPPO R9S:

OPPO R9 is the successor of OPPO R9 which helped OPPO to become one of Chinese TOP companies in less than 1 year The device sells for a ridiculously affordable amount which you’ll find at the end of this post.


OPPO R9S Specifications In NIgeria


General Info 
Camera16MP rear/front Camera
Screen size5.5 inch Gorilla glass
PlatformAndroid 6.0
AntennaSplit Antenna

OPPO R9S Review

Good Camera:

The OPPO R9S boast of a very good ¬†camera which you can use to capture wonderful moments you’d like to remember.. The rear camera and front camera comes with a 16MP quality… With this you have no problem boasting with your selfies in front of your friends.

Personally i’d love to have a feel of this device and review it more… Only if OPPO will allow me.

Good Battery:

With a 3000mah+ battery which powers a CPU which was manufactured to consume less battery, the OPPO R9S is sure to give you long lasting duration and longer talk time.

Big Screen Size/Quality:

The phone has a 5.5 inch Gorilla screen which is sure to give you bigger and clearer view with maximum protection against scratches and unintentional falls to hard surfaces.


To save your files and documents is a 64GB Internal storage which was chipped into this device… with this you almost don’t need a memory card or extra storage chip.. Also the phone comes with a 4GB RAM to carry your apps in background and give you a smoother and more user friendly experience while you’re operating on other apps.


This phone sells for N131,000 in Nigeria

Its kinda expensive… considering it has many competitors in Nigeria already.. won’t list them though.. buh do you like this phone guys?

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